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Turn Around Journal, by Leigh Anne Tuohy

Turn Around Journal, by Leigh Anne Tuohy

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This journal is the accompanying piece to LEIGH ANNE TUOHY’s Best Selling Devotional, TURN AROUND. We suggest using the journal as you read the book to make notes of her inspirational quotes, ways to give, ideas and thoughts on intentional living. The book, TURN AROUND outlines how giving isn’t always about money, much less a lot of money. Leigh Anne Tuohy, whose family inspired the hit film The Blind Side, challenges us to re-think what giving really means.Turn Around is a five-day-per-week devotional that uses scripture as a springboard to reconsider what it means to give sacrificially, generously, and immediately―many times, without having to leave your own community. We encounter opportunities to give every single day; what may seem like a small gesture to us may take a world of difference in someone else’s life. Make your next step one that causes you to turn around and meet a need. 

**We suggest adding the book, TURN AROUND, by Leigh Anne Tuohy to your journal order to take notes and jot down ideas, as you read the book**