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XC14b-Flourish Calling Card

Only: $44.95
Item Number: XC14b-pg14


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Ever notice that the word "BUSI" is buried right in the word business? Yes, we know it has an "i" instead of a "y"...but you get the point. Being a mom is all about B_U_S_Y! Drop off Andrew here, bring Peyton there---it's hectic. Then when you drop off the little ones--- you are scrambling through your Tory Burch purse looking for a mere scrap of paper to jot your phone number down in case of emergency. Dig no more! The mommy business cards are sold in lots of 100 cards personalized. The heavy card stock in pale pink has scrumptious mocha brown lettering detailing your particulars.

These are also great for stay-at-home moms who hang out with working mom's who actually have business cards for their business. Now you can plop your very own busi-ness card right down with the rest of them. You go girl---you forgot to pick up Matthew.

Select your initial for the top of card!
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