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Bedroom Monogram

Only: $79.99
Item Number: Bedroom Monogram AGD

Back in the day, royalty marked all of their possessions with their monogram. Today, the popularity of lettering is back in full force. Interior designers everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on these beautiful decals. Our designers at Garden Design have every letter in the alphabet to work with.

Traditionally the Monogram name order begins with the woman's first name intial, then their last name initial in the middle and then the men's first name initial on the left. For Example: Elizabeth and Andrew Rudiger would be ERA.

The 28 inch interlocking monogram is beautiful. Vinyl Monograms are great for weddings or any other event. They go on and come off easy so you can add your personal touch to any wall or floor or accessories any plain looking vase, plate, candle...the possibilities are endless.